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Aran has retained many of its old traditions as well as embracing the modern ones. Some of the festivals they celebrate have long since been lost on the mainland or have always been exclusive to the Islands.

Patrún Festivals

Each of the Islands have their own Patron Saint and celebrate this day as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The day is action packed and includes activities for all age groups, including swimming, children's competitions on the beach, Tog o' war, donkey racing, music and dancing on the pier. The high-light of the day is always the Hooker Boat racing in the bay.

Bonfire Night - 23rd June

This is an old tradition that was customary throughout most of Ireland but is only found in rural and Gaeltacht areas nowadays. Fires are lit on the eve of St John and are generally communal with villagers moving from one fire to another. The fires are lit during prayer and the evening continues with music and games.

Ted Fest - February - Inis Mór

The Fr. Ted Festival popularly known as Ted Fest, is a celebration of the life of comedian Dermot Morgan and his 1990's cult TV sitcom Father Ted. The Friends of Ted event sees a huge influx of Father Ted fans, most dressed as characters of the show, taking part in an array of themed events associated with the comedy series including fancy dress, five-aside football (nuns against priests), toilet duck comedy awards, buckaroo speed dating, lovely girls contest and A Song For Europe.