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Inis Oirr

Inis Oirr, a name derived from "Inis Oirthir" meaning island of the east, is the smallest and most eastern of the Aran Islands. Less than 3sq kilometres in size Inis Oirr is a walkers paradise, with little motor transport, breath-taking scenery, and flora that is unique to the island and the Burren area. Posts with a 'walking man' symbol marks the walking route around the Island, the full trail takes about 4 hours. The island is an isolated exposure of the Burren, in County Clare, consisting of bare limestone pavement, rising at one point to 60m above sea level. The flora includes both northern and alpine species, many extremely rare and under conservation order, so please be respectful of this, and help preserve this precious out-crop.

The sailing time to Inis Oirr is 55 minutes.

'S é Inis Oírr an t-oileán is lú agus is faide thoir den trí oileán. Níl sé 3 chiliméadar cearnógach ar mhéid. Is áit iontach é chun dul ag spaisteoireacht, le radharcanna aoibheann, fíor-bheagán tráchta agus fásra nach bhfuil le féiceáil ach ar an oileán féin agus i gceantar an Boireann (BURREN.) Is féidir an t-oileán uilig a shiúl taobh istigh de 4 uair a'chloig. Aolchloch atá ar an oileán agus tá an poinnte is airde 60 méadar ós cionn leibhéal na farraige. Tá go leor don fhásra atá ar an oileán an-neamhchoitianta agus faoi chaomhnú – bigí ómósach dó seo agus cabhraigh é a choinneáil mar atá.


Pony and Trap: You can hire a traditional 'Pony & Trap' on the pier upon arriving, or you may be picked up as you walk along the winding paths. These traps are driven by friendly islander jarveys who will talk about the island with you and answer all your questions about island life. This is a lovely way to see the island and there is no more stylish way to arrive at your accommodation than in a horse and carriage!

Bicycle Hire: Bicycles are the best way to get around, meeting people along the way you will get a better feel of island life. Bikes can be hired on arrival at the top of the pier. Mountain bikes of all sizes can be rented out, at very competitive daily and weekly rates from the bicycle hire. Sarah and her brother Michael will be very happy to help you plan your day. They provide a free map upon which the islands sites are marked.

Art &Heritage Center

Áras Éanna, the island's arts and heritage centre was established in 2000, the building is a converted weaving factory originally built in 1982. As a contemporary arts centre, Áras Éanna runs a residency programme for visiting artists from Ireland and abroad. Artists stay for up to 4 months and exhibit their work. There is also a theatre where films, concerts and plays are shown regularly. Archive films are shown during the day.


The island has a beautiful long sandy beach with crystal clear waters. This beach is safe for swimming and during the summer months there is a lifeguard on duty during the day. Rod fishing from the main pier or along the coast line at high tide is a great relaxing pastime whilst on the island. Mackerel are an easy catch when in season during the summer and anyone who casts a line is guaranteed to catch one or two!